Fixed Deposit

Fixed deposits, the high-interest -yielding Term deposit we offer. Additional services to our FD holders at competitive interest rates. Financial planning is a serious business. Your future depends on how wisely you invest your funds. It is therefore advisable to seek help from the experts and we are the pool of expert financial planners for your wealth. So what is financial planning and how does one secure himself and his family for a gratifying future? It is all about investing surplus funds in lucrative instruments which yield maximum returns and also carry little or no risk.

Fixed deposit or term deposit is one such instrument. Investing is more than buy-and-holding or setting-and-forgetting. Investors need a strategy for success that will change as their investing needs change over the course of their lives. This investment is safer yields higher profit margins. Your wealth is not risk-prone to market financial conditions. We have been providing a high rate of safety for our clients. FDs should largely be viewed as a place to park money with the objective of preserving the capital rather than a means to create long-term wealth. FDs may also be used by all to park emergency funds that can be accessed in few days, especially the sweep-in deposits. Such deposits along with investments in short-term mutual funds can be a part of one’s emergency fund. It is necessary for every individual to diversify his or her investment portfolio into various types of fixed income and variable income investment sources. Fixed deposits are a regular income source of investment.

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